Wisdom From Wall Street: How To Buy, Then Sell

Wisdom From Wall Street: How To Buy, Then Sell

Matt Slaine is an investor who grew up on Wall Street. In pursuit of his next move (and an intent to own), he decided to purchase a company, instead of starting one.

What followed was a journey of identifying his perfect candidate (Progressive Business Media, a B2B media and communications company in the home furnishings and gift space,), buying it in 2012 – and, (true to style) investing in the business to ensure it could one day thrive without him.

Find out how Slaine used his wisdom from Wall Street to turn Progressive Business Media into a 100-employee company that would successfully sell through an unsolicited acquisition offer.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to find a business to buy
  • How to build up the value of your business over time
  • Slaine’s best advice for making your business less dependent on you
  • How you can thrive in a “dying” industry

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