What 250 Owners Have to Say About Selling A Business

What 250 Owners Have to Say About Selling A Business

Built to Sell Radio is celebrating 250 episodes. That’s 250 entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and owners who have shared their stories and their time over the last 5 years.

To mark the event, Built to Sell Radio’s producer, Shawn McDonald, takes over the mic to highlight insights from some of the most talked-about, most popular, and most memorable episodes from the course of the show. Listen in for important lessons learned like:

Learning to Say No

  • How Mitch Durfee went from doing everything to doing one thing, and how saying no turned his business around.
  • Why Rob Duvall and Paul Daly chose to specialize their business from the start, and how they managed when customers wanted something else.

Knowing When It’s Time to Sell

  • Why Arvid Kahl and Danielle Simpson chose to exit Feedback Panda, even though it was earning a tidy sum in recurring revenue.
  • The moment Jim Remsik knew it was time to sell, and why he’s happier working for someone else than running his own business.
  • What professor Peter Fader did when NIKE showed up unexpectedly with an offer to buy his business.

Coming Up With Million-Dollar Ideas

  • How Griffin Thall and his business partner took Pura Vida Bracelets from two guys on a beach selling jewelry to tourists to a $75 million exit.
  • The deceptively simple technique David Bach uses to find $100 million business ideas.
  • How Jean-Eric Plamondon made his business stand out in the grimy world of scrap metal.
  • How Stephanie Breedlove took the problem of needing to pay one employee all the way to a $55 million exit.

When The Exit Doesn’t Go as Planned

  • What to do when, like Sherry Deutschmann, your exit doesn’t lead to the happy ending that you you and your employees were promised.
  • The amazingly creative last-ditch strategy Diana House used to find a buyer.

Master Negotiation Hacks

  • How Gary Miller got IBM to nearly quadruple their initial price without having to make a single counteroffer.
  • The unique way Adam Ochstein negotiated a sale when all the buyer wanted was a partnership.

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