The Man Behind the $1.3B Sale of Wind Mobile

Advice from entrepreneur who has sold many businesses

The Man Behind the $1.3B Sale of Wind Mobile

Anthony Lacavera has started 12 businesses, six of which he has exited. His exits have ranged in value from the $6 million he got for one of his recent start-ups to the $1.3 billion that Wind Mobile sold for. 

Lacavera has won just about every business award there is, including: 2010 CEO of the Year, Top 40 Under 40, Deloitte Technology Fast 50, and Canada’s Fastest Growing Company. This interview covers lessons from all of his exits.

You’ll learn:

  • When to bring in a CEO to replace yourself
  • Why paying back your investors too soon can be a mistake
  • How to raise capital (Lacavera raised $700 million to start Wind Mobile)
  • The downside of accepting Venture Capital (VC)
  • The secret to forming a relationship with a VC
  • The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when raising a VC round
  • When to sign a non-compete
  • The reason most owners get sucked into an earn-out (and how to avoid one)
  • The single most important section of a share purchase agreement to scrutinize carefully
  • The dirty tricks professional money people use to tilt the deal in their favor (and how you can fight back)

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