Start-up To Exit In 186 Days

Start-up To Exit In 186 Days

Staffing-industry veteran Will Gilbert co-founded Socium – a U.K.-based company supplying workers to companies that needed them – in early 2019. Within six months, Socium was generating more than 7 million British Pounds (GBP) in revenue.

A coffee meeting with a former colleague in the staffing business led to an acquisition discussion and soon after, Socium was acquired – months before celebrating its first birthday.

In this episode, you’ll discover:         

  • How to use your receivables to finance hyper-growth
  • The different valuation multiples of transactional vs. annuity-based revenue
  • The surprising reason that some strategic acquirers may not be a fit
  • How deciding when to sell (Hint: it may be sooner than you think)
  • How asking for advice can lead to an offer

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