Sixth Time’s a Charm For This Restaurant Owner

Restaurant owner sells business

Sixth Time’s a Charm For This Restaurant Owner

Andrew Lamppa bought the 44th Street Diner in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2004. Within a couple of years he wanted out, but his first attempt at finding a buyer (…and his second, third, fourth and fifth) was unsuccessful.

Did Lamppa have really bad luck?

…or a business that was too dependent on him?

Find out how he was able to (finally) pull himself out of the diner’s weeds and capitalize in an area that was known to cater to “slow service, where grandparents eat” to find an enticing buyer that would ultimately purchase his restaurant.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How niching down drives up the value of your business
  • How to scare away buyers (and avoid doing it!)
  • One critical change that can impact your sale process
  • Two big negotiation mistakes

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