Pathfinder Health offered software to therapists helping patients with Autism. The company founder was creative, but the company had reached a plateau.

Tina Youngblood was brought in as a hired gun to turn things around and get the company ready to sell. Within one year, Youngblood had fixed the culture and financials and stabilized the product. That’s when she went to leverage her industry contacts to find an acquirer. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • When it’s time to fire yourself and bring in a CEO
  • Whether your skills are better suited for starting rather than growing businesses
  • Why still being a startup after six years is a problem
  • How Clint Eastwood can help fix your culture
  • How to get acquirers to place a value on your product roadmap
  • When your competitor maybe your best acquirer
  • The one thing Youngblood would insist you look for when evaluating acquisition offers

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