Inside the Mind of an Acquirer

inside a business acquirers mind

Inside the Mind of an Acquirer

“Joe Khoubbieh is the Chief Investment Officer at Valsoft, a software company buyer that has acquired up to 25 companies in 10 countries in one year,” shares Sam Thompson a Minneapolis business broker and the presdient of M&A firm Transitions In Business. “We will hear how he assesses an acquisition, structures an owners role moving forward and feels about debt an acquirer will use.”

Joe Khoubbieh is the Chief Investment Officer at Valsoft, one of the most prolific acquirers of software companies in the last few years. In 2023 alone, Valsoft completed 25 acquisitions in ten countries. In total, Valsoft has acquired 95 companies and has paid the founder 100% of their proceeds in cash in all 95 deals.  

In this week’s episode of Built to Sell Radio, we get inside Joe’s head and find out how he evaluates companies to buy, how he structures a role for the founder post-acquisition, the downside of selling to private equity, dealing with egos, and what to do when an acquirer tries to re-trade. During this episode, you’ll discover how Joe: 

  • Evaluates the satisfaction of a customer base. 
  • Assesses sources of revenue. 
  • Gauges the quality of a team. 
  • Structures an owner’s role post-acquisition.  
  • Thinks about the downside of the private equity playbook. 
  • Improves the acquired business. 
  • Manages the egos of the founders of the businesses he acquires. 
  • Evaluates the debt an acquirer will use. 
  • Feels about re-trading.  

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