Inside the Mind of an Acquirer

Inside a business acquirers mind

Inside the Mind of an Acquirer

“Randy Woods owned and operated Non-Linear Creations for 23 years before selling to Valtech in 2017,” shares Sam Thompson a Minneapolis M&A advisor and the president of Transitions In Business. “This episode will focus on how to make your business irresistible for an acquirer and ways to avoid potential dealbreakers with a buyer.”

After a 23-year journey building Non-Linear Creations into a marketing giant with more than 120 employees, Randy Woods sold it in 2017 to Valtech. Valtech is a distinguished digital agency offering marketing, digital technology, and business transformation consulting services.

Post-sale, Woods now serves as the SVP of Strategic Growth Opportunity at Valtech, a role dedicated to identifying potential acquisitions for the business. In the latest installment of Built to Sell Radio’s Inside the Mind of an Acquirer series, we sit down with Woods to discuss how to:

  • Make your company irresistible to an acquirer.
  • Leverage a “put option” to cover your downside.
  • Understand the factors that influence how acquirers value businesses.
  • Target potential acquirers that would see your company as a strategic addition.
  • Avoid deal breakers during negotiations with potential acquirers.

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