How to Teach Your Employees Your Secrets

Business Owners teaching employees their secrets

How to Teach Your Employees Your Secrets

“Ian Fraser started Tour Experience Golf (TXG) in 2016. He eventually sold his company in 2022 to Club Champion and at the time his revenue exceeded $2M,” shares Sam Thompson a Minneapolis business broker and the president of M&A firm Transitions In Business. “This episode will share how Ian trained his employees so he was able to remove himself from his business. He also discusses how he utilized YouTube successfully.”

Ian Fraser, a former professional golfer from Scotland, turned his expertise in fitting golfers with the right clubs into a successful venture, Tour Experience Golf (TXG), in 2016.

His aim was to bring PGA Tour-quality club fitting to everyday golfers. As TXG began to flourish, Fraser realized he needed to expand his team and impart his unique skills to them. By devising an innovative hiring process and employing a creative teaching method, he was able to grow TXG to a team of 14 employees, with a YouTube fanbase of 150,000 subscribers and revenue exceeding $2 million.

TXG attracted the attention of Club Champion, the United States’ largest club-fitting company, with more than 100 locations. In 2022 Club Champion acquired TXG, and in this episode, you’ll gain insights into how to:

  • Educate your team and transfer your expertise.
  • Transform your marketing spend into a profit-generating center through YouTube.
  • Develop a cult-like social media following.
  • Strategically structure your earn-out to maximize your take from a sale.
  • Encourage an acquirer to estimate your business’s value based on future potential.

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