How To Place A Value On Your Sales Team

How To Place A Value On Your Sales Team

Mark Deutschmann started Village Real Estate in 1996 and grew his residential real estate brokerage to 350 agents and $30 million in revenue – then, he heard some disturbing news. One of his agents and five former colleagues had been secretly planning to launch their own agency to compete with Deutschmann.

Rather than steeling for a fight, Deutschmann suggested the six agents simply buy Village Real Estate instead. So they did – and only for a few weeks later for $9.75 million.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to value a sales agency
  • How to get an extra 21% for your company (Deutschmann’s original offer was only $8 million, but he received $9.75 million)
  • The perfect time to sell your company (hint: it’s when someone is ready to buy it)
  • The surprising benefit to your marriage of cashing out

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