How to Get Your Business to Run Without You

How to Get Your Business to Run Without You

“Jodie Cook started a social media company and nothing happened in her business without Jodie’s approval,” shares Sam Thompson a Minneapolis business broker and the president of M&A firm Transitions In Business. “She then realized she needed to remove herself from her company to add value. She implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and her role changed from trying to do everything to managing the SOP’s her staff used.”

When Jodie Cook started her social media agency, nothing happened without her involvement.

Desperate to free herself up from the minutia of running her company, Cook started to systematize her business with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). After a few missteps, Cook mastered the art of delegation and in this episode, you will discover how to:

  • Know when you’re ready to implement SOPs into your business.
  • Delegate tasks to your employees without disrupting your customers.
  • Create SOPs that your staff will use.
  • Hire great people using an unconventional method.
  • Empower your employees to create SOPs for your business.
  • Implement systems that create an environment of creativity.
  • Use SOPs to avoid an earn-out.

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