How To Get Acquired By Facebook (Twice)

How to sell a business to Facebook

How To Get Acquired By Facebook (Twice)

The market for digital assistants is booming. Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and Google has Google Assistant. Now, thanks to Charles Jolley, Facebook has Ozlo, a digital assistant designed to outsmart Siri and Alexa at their own game.

Ozlo was Jolley’s third exit and his second to Facebook (he sold the other company to Apple), and in this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The one common denominator among founders who achieve the very best exits
  • Under what conditions you should say no to an $80 million acquisition offer
  • How to approach buyers about an acquisition without compromising your negotiating leverage
  • When to be a “selfish entrepreneur”
  • How and when to tell your employees you’re thinking of selling
  • The dirtiest trap acquirers try to lay for founders in a negotiation (and how to neutralize it)

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