How to Break Up With Your Business Partner

Business partner breakup

How to Break Up With Your Business Partner

How do you place a fair valuation on your company when only one partner wants out, and the other is ready to continue? The answer – for Judith Nowlin and her partner Amanda – wasn’t a matter of calculating how far they’ve come, but rather how far they would go.

Nowlin, co-founder of iBirth™, a daily pregnancy, postpartum and baby tracker app, found herself in a complex situation when her co-founder and good friend was ready to step down from the business.

While most would be left perturbed, for Nowlin, it pushed her to evaluate the company’s potential valuation and helped lay the foundation of transforming iBirth™ toward a B2B model with a stream of recurring revenue — and ultimately finding a strategic buyer to acquire the business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to handle a business partner who wants out – and ways you can keep them as an investor and advisor
  • The difference between a financial buyer and strategic buyer, and how to approach the latter
  • How a recurring revenue stream can transform your business
  • One easy way to determine if your B2C business can evolve into a B2B model

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