How To Avoid The Idiot Tax

Avoid costly mistakes in business

How To Avoid The Idiot Tax

Kenan Hopkins founded his delivery food service company, Blue Ridge To Go, with no real management skills, no idea how to run a business, a lump of personal credit card debt, and the worst branding ever – all his words.

Though off to a rough start, he was able to transform his messy company into a new brand – Valet Gourmet – and by 2016 was approaching $4 million in revenue with the lowest delivery driver turnover across the industry.

When he was ready to sell, find out how Hopkins’ talent for industry forecasting, along with a quick text message to an industry friend led to a successful deal.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid paying the ‘idiot tax’ for years
  • The one reason your employee turnover rate is likely high
  • How your brand can impact the value of your company
  • Why a seven-figure exit can be a lonely place

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