How Forecasting The Future Led To A $100M Sale

Mobile App Company Sells for $100M

How Forecasting The Future Led To A $100M Sale

Back when mobile phones had green screens with black dots on them, Andy Nulman founded Airborne Mobile. He knew the time was coming when technology would enable full-scale media content on mobile devices, so he knocked on doors and asked companies like the NHL, Maxim, and Disney for assets he could transform into mobile media.   

In one year, the company went from $2M in revenue to $20M driven by the explosion in the adoption of mobile devices. Leveraging his client list, Nulman sold 85% of Airborne Mobile for over $100M and retained 15% of the company—a position he would later expand in a strange twist of fate.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage brands you’re working with to position your company for an acquisition
  • One way to evaluate your logo
  • What a “put option” is and how it is used in the M&A process
  • The danger of believing your own press

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