From Broke To A $1B Sale

From Broke To A $1B Sale

Tomas Gorny and his partner started a website hosting company called IPOWER in 2001 with nothing more than a credit card. Over the next six years, they built the business to $40M in revenue, which is when they merged with Endurance, a competitor.

They ran the merged company, with Gorny as the largest individual shareholder, for four years and then sold the combined entity to a private equity group for $975M in 2011—just 10 years after Gorny started the business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Gorny did differently when he started his company that led to its success
  • How to protect your down side using preferred shares during a merger
  • The business rules Gorny lives by based on his experience of losing his first fortune

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