From $15 In His Pocket To A $3.2M Exit

$15 to million dollar sale of company

From $15 In His Pocket To A $3.2M Exit

In 1961, Kamal Yadav arrived in the United States with $15 in his pocket.  He started Chemco Industries in 1975 and grew the business to $3M in revenue. Chemco sells environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals, and their customers included Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and the federal government.

When his children didn’t express interest in taking over the business, Kamal decided to sell, and quickly received 14 offers.

Yadav sold Chemco for $3.2M cash upon closing.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How projecting future profits can increase acquisition offers
  • What Yadav did to shift from a lifestyle business to a growth-oriented business
  • The importance of owning the product, rather than just distributing other people’s products
  • The role recurring revenue plays in the valuation of a company
  • How to get an all-cash offer for your business and avoid an earn out or vendor take-back

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