Fortune 500 Companies Helped This Founder Exit

Business Owner Exiting His Company

Fortune 500 Companies Helped This Founder Exit

We know consumers have shifted their eyes from televisions to mobile devices, so how are companies raising upwards of $28 million to capitalize on this evolution?

For Mitchell Reichgut, co-founder of Value Exchange Advertising (VEA) company Jun Group, he helped create a service that has multi-national and luxury brands running to them to reach their target customers.  Jun Group is a pioneer in VEA where a marketer will offer a mobile phone user access to something cool like a game or some valuable content in exchange for watching an ad.

Jun Group raised $28 million in venture financing before ultimately being acquired by Advantage Solutions last fall.

In this interview with Reichgut, you’ll learn:

  • A refreshingly simple way to evaluate potential investors
  • The surprisingly tough question to ask interested investors
  • What to do when a partnership falls apart

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