Exit Your Business With No Regrets

Exit Your Business With No Regrets

As a business owner, I know you’re ready for anything. But recent data shows us that even the most affluent and successful founders struggle with one common problem: the regret of how they handled leaving their company. In fact, 75% of owners say they regret their decision to exit after just one year (based on how the process was handled), and only 5% are satisfied with their net proceeds. (1)

I don’t want to see you included in those numbers. By completing a simple, 8-minute questionnaire, we can ensure you have a happy and lucrative exit.

PREScore™ (or Personal Readiness to Exit Score) is an 8-minute, online questionnaire that evaluates your readiness to exit your company on a personal level. Using an exclusive algorithm – developed by analyzing more than 40,000 business owners – PREScore™ will calculate your readiness to exit by identifying your status on each of the 4 drivers of a satisfying exit.

The 12 questions that make up PREScore™ are often overlooked by business owners, leaving them unprepared and in a state of crisis after the decision to exit is made. PREScore™ helps identify the at-risk areas and provides personalized recommendations for improvement, helping owners create a personal plan that ensures a happy and lucrative exit.

Click on the link below to take the PREScore questionnaire and to see if you are ready to make a happy exit.


(1) The 2013 State Of Owner Readiness, The Exit Planning Institute