Cracking the Amazon e-Commerce Code

Amazon e-commerce business sold

Cracking the Amazon e-Commerce Code

Sophie Howard launched her first Amazon business, selling premium handmade products from Nepal. Within 18 months, she’d reached $2 million in revenue for a company that was only taking her a day a week to run.  While it sounds like the perfect source of passive income, Howard had specifically grown her company to be sold.

But selling an Amazon e-commerce business has unique challenges. Howard had an established supply chain and interested international buyers, but no access to her own client list. Find out how Howard navigated the sale, took home a tidy cash payout, and developed a repeatable business model for herself and other aspiring entrepreneurs. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to source a product to sell on Amazon
  • The difference between selling a commodity and selling a private label product
  • The one contract adjustment you have to make when selling an Amazon-based business
  • One simple thing to do to make due diligence easier, especially for Amazon businesses
  • Howard’s best piece of advice for all sellers

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