What Every Buyer of a Small Business Should Know

2019-02-14T15:24:28+00:00February 13th, 2019|Categories: Article, Buying a Business|

You’ve decided to buy a business.  Maybe this is your first acquisition, or maybe you are a serial small business owner.  If you’ve gone through this process before, you understand the drill. 90% of the buyers that decide to buy a business never follow through.  No wonder brokers and sellers are very thorough in their buyer [...]

The Big Thing Holding Back Small Businesses

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Small businesses stay small either by choice, or because they start chasing growth in the wrong places. When you strip away the layers, it all comes down to darts. Imagine a dart board with a bull’s eye and around it is a series of wider and wider circles. The bull’s eye is where the people just like [...]


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People want to be around those they like and trust.  This is so true when selling a business.  When I first meet a business owner that would like to sell their company, I try to envision how they would come across when meeting a potential buyer. The transactions that have the greatest opportunity to close are [...]

The One Number Owners Need to Stop Focusing On

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The value of your business comes down to a single equation: what multiple of your profit is an acquirer willing to pay for your company? profit × multiple = value Most owners believe the best way to improve the value of their company is to make more profit – so, they find ways to sell more and [...]

The Surprising Way Companies Like Netflix and Amazon Conduct Market Research

2018-12-04T19:07:19+00:00December 4th, 2018|Categories: Article|

Companies like Netflix, UrthBox, and Amazon are leveraging the subscription business model to discover what their customers want next. In a traditional business, the customer buys your product or service once, and it is up to you to try to convince them to buy again in the future. You often have no idea if they liked [...]

Creating Sticky Customers

2018-11-06T13:53:28+00:00November 6th, 2018|Categories: Article|

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of your business, but customers can be fickle. Here's how to make them sticky. In a traditional business, the customer buys your product or service once, and it is up to you to try to convince them to buy again in the future. However, in a subscription business, you have what [...]

Sam Thompson to Speak at M&A Source 2018 Fall Conference & Dealmakers Expo

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The M&A Source Annual Fall Conference and Dealmakers Expo is set for Nov 4-7 in Charlotte, NC.   With over 200 M&A professionals, intermediaries, Private Equity Groups and Search Fund attendees expected to meet for four days of deal-making and education. The Sheraton downtown hotel in Charlotte, NC is a perfect host setting for M&A professionals involved in [...]

Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

2018-10-16T17:18:01+00:00October 16th, 2018|Categories: Article|

By Sam Thompson, CBI, M&AMI Selling your business will probably be the most challenging undertaking that you, as a business owner, experience. Most likely, your business is the largest financial asset you have, so make sure that you put ample time and energy into selling your "baby." I owned a hospitality business for 29 years and [...]

Exiting Tips From One Of The Top 40 Under 40

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Wind Mobile founder Anthony Lacavera has started 12 businesses, six of which he has exited. His exits have ranged in value from the $6 million he got for one of his recent start-ups to $1.3 billion when he sold Wind Mobile. He did it by following two key tips. Understand what kind of company you are [...]

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