Why “One (Buyer) Is the Loneliest Number”

2019-06-11T17:12:03+00:00June 11th, 2019|Categories: Article, Selling a Business|

You own a successful business that you’ve grown through the years.   You’ve just recently thought about selling.  Lo and behold, another business in your industry approaches you to see if you’d like to sell.  What great timing and what an opportunity, right?  Wrong!  If you are serious about selling your business, you need to go to [...]

Why You Should Exit While You’re Ahead – A Cautionary Tale

2019-06-05T18:24:28+00:00June 5th, 2019|Categories: Article|

The very best time to sell your business is when someone wants to buy it. While it can be tempting to continue to grow your business forever – particularly when things are going well -- that decision comes with a significant downside.  Take a look at the story of Rand Fishkin who started his entrepreneurial journey [...]

How to Screw Up the Sale of Your Business

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You’ve decided to sell your business.  It has taken about three to six months, with confidential marketing and buyer vetting, to find your perfect buyer. The Letter of Intent (LOI) is in place.  You’ve agreed to the price and terms.  You can see the goal line.  The last major piece of the puzzle that is left, [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Is Too Dependent On You

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If you were to draw a picture that visually represents your role in your business, what would it look like? Are you at the top of an organizational chart, or stuck in the middle of your business like a hub in a bicycle wheel? The Hub & Spoke model is a drive that shows how dependent [...]

Hiring a Business Coach/Advisor Prior to Selling Makes Sense

2019-05-14T18:07:33+00:00April 17th, 2019|Categories: Article, Selling a Business|

By 2021, Baby Boomers will be retiring at a pace of 11,000 per day.  That is 77 million people or 20% of the US population.  Many of these Boomers are business owners ready to sell. What that means is the current seller’s market will flip to a buyer’s market.  There will be an over abundance of [...]

5 Ways To Package Your Service

2019-04-02T18:01:35+00:00April 2nd, 2019|Categories: Article|

If you’re a service provider, it can be difficult to separate the service from the provider. Your customers might demand you, which means you can’t scale your business beyond the number of hours you’re willing to work. In the absence of a point of differentiation, offering generic services leads consumers to evaluate the people doing the [...]

How to Buy or Sell a Company Seminar

2019-04-09T18:26:12+00:00March 26th, 2019|Categories: Article, Buying & Selling Businesses|

Join merger and acquisition expert Sam Thompson as he presents critical factors you need to know prior to buying or selling a business. How to properly evaluate a company you want to purchase How to prepare to sell your company What can you do to pay a reasonable price for another company or get top dollar [...]

Business-As-Usual When Selling…All the Way to Closing!

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There is a common characteristic I find among business owners:  They have a tendency to ease up as they enter the selling process.  They see the goal line and put their business on autopilot. This often happens after there has been a successful meeting with a potential buyer and the Letter of Intent (LOI) has been [...]

Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Billing Models

2019-03-06T17:46:22+00:00March 6th, 2019|Categories: Article|

Volvo recently announced they will make their cars available on a subscription model where consumers will pay one fixed fee per month for access to a car which includes insurance and maintenance. Everything from tooth brushes to flowers are now available with subscription billing. Could you offer some sort of recurring plan to your customers? Here [...]

Transitions In Business quoted in latest edition of Finance & Commerce

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Sam Thompson shares his expertise as a seasoned business broker in an article explaining why baby boomers are holding on to their businesses in the Feb 26, 2019 edition of the Finance & Commerce newspaper. Baby boomers put business sales on hold, brokers say By: William Morris February 25, 2019 4:58 pm 0 What happens to mom and pop [...]

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