Now is the Time to Buy a Business


Many small businesses have closed, severely reduced output, or are slowly reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.  So why would a business buyer consider moving forward with a transaction in such a dismal environment? This is why: Business Owners are Motivated to Sell A large percentage of small business owners are Baby Boomers that have survived 9/11 [...]

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Don’t Start a Business – Buy a Business!


If you own a small business and want to expand, or if you are an individual who wants to own a small business, you may be tempted to create one organically.  You might think that long term, an organic start-up will save you money; however, this is the furthest from the truth. Statistics show that only [...]

Don’t Start a Business – Buy a Business!2019-08-15T15:58:22+00:00

What Every Buyer of a Small Business Should Know


You’ve decided to buy a business.  Maybe this is your first acquisition, or maybe you are a serial small business owner.  If you’ve gone through this process before, you understand the drill. 90% of the buyers that decide to buy a business never follow through.  No wonder brokers and sellers are very thorough in their buyer [...]

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About Transitions in Business

Transitions In Business is an independent firm, servicing medium sized businesses and their respective buyers. Our vision is to effectively guide corporate ownership through the many obstacles of mergers and acquisitions by confidently offering a clear and honest partnership. Our process includes confidentially engaging and vetting qualified buyers that will maximize the transaction benefits for both the seller and the buyer of a business.
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