3 Ways To Immunize Yourself From The Dangers Ahead

3 Ways To Immunize Yourself From The Dangers Ahead

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen a passenger jet shot out of the sky. A super-bug has emerged in Asia. A bun fight in the democratic primaries which will look like a schoolyard tussle compared to the bare-knuckle cage match we’re about to witness in the race to become — or remain — the leader of the free world.

What’s a business owner to do in the face of all this uncertainty?

In this episode of Built to Sell Radio, John Warrillow will share three strategies for inoculating yourself from the risks of the decade ahead. You’ll discover:

  • Why timing the sale of your business is a fool’s errand
  • How one founder lost $200 million by waiting too long to sell his business
  • The trap some owners fall into when the economy is growing
  • How to protect your margins
  • The reason most owners get stuck
  • The difference between being content and happy
  • How living life in ten-year chunks is the reward of entrepreneurship
  • Why Tim Ferriss sold his business even though it took just a few hours per week to run
  • A tool for assessing how psychologically ready you are to sell.

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